Hopefully I will stay in this “startup mentality” that I’m in, for the rest of my career. Curious, eager to get better, learn more and also share my knowledge and experiences.

After 15 months of building my self employed lifestyle/company I stopped for a moment of reflection, analysis and planning. With a good amount of help and inspiration I found in numerous books and YouTube videos I started to forge an updated (and more importantly written) vision statement and plan for the remainder of 2020. I consider it a public draft for next year.

You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do. (Carl Gustav Jung)

Meaning that I have accomplished (almost) nothing by just by putting these words together. Action is what counts.

If you read it you will instantly notice that my goals are on both on a personal and business level at the same time. That’s is very much intentional. Building a self employed company is indeed a journey within yourself.

My goals for september-december 2020:

Vision statement

I will once again put my health in the first room. An active lifestyle is essential to be as energized and creative as I want to, but also for minimizing stress and anxiety. This includes proper rest and sometimes even total disconnection from work and the digital world. This way I will overall perform and feel better about myself and my business.

During this period I will build and develop a new studio space to become a good first version of the creative place I always dreamt of. A space that allow and inspires me to do better and learn more. Here I have an effective workflow. I will explore and develop new ideas and opportunities when possible while staying committed to the main path for my work.

Continuing developing collaborations and workflow is ever present. I can not, and do not want to be alone in this process. Teaming up with others makes me a better filmmaker and entrepreneur. Every collaboration project is carefully evaluated and analyzed for fine tuning and further development.

I will promote sustainable choices in both my personal life and in my business. Building my company includes building a solid and clear foundation for the future. Both in practice and vision.

Youtube is my main channel for sharing my ideas and knowledge. It’s also where people get to know me and my purpose. I get energized every time I make and post a new video on my channel. The same feeling I get from delivering the final version to my clients projects: “This piece of content is really good, and will do good!”.

Key results

  • Varied exercise daily (as long as the body is up for it)
  • Sleep at least 8 hours every night
  • Eat healthy (track my food for 90 days)
  • Lose weight (goal -8 kg before Christmas)
  • If/when I fail the above – I rush to the starting line and do it again!
  • Organize, revisit and develop stories/documentary ideas each month
  • Buy the equipment/filmmaking tools I need and can afford,
    and sell the things I don’t need or use anymore
  • Share these goals on mattiasskoog.com/goals (this page) ☑️
  • Weekly YouTube videos on youtube.com/mattiasskoog
  • 750 subscribers at the end of 2020. Live update below.

Areas of focus

  • My health is my everything – go exercise!
  • Focus in my work is telling really good stories
  • I promote myself via my work. And my Youtube videos
  • Know my main tools in and out (ex. practice with my new FX9 daily)

Youtube subscriber counter: