Hopefully I will stay in this “startup mentality” that I’m in, for the rest of my career. Curious, eager to get better, learn more and also share my knowledge and experiences.

After 15 months of building my self employed lifestyle/company I stopped for a moment of reflection, analysis and planning. With a good amount of help and inspiration I found in numerous books and YouTube videos I started to forge an updated (and more importantly written) vision statement and plan for the remainder of 2020. I consider it a public draft for next year.

You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do. (Carl Gustav Jung)

Meaning that I have accomplished (almost) nothing by just by putting these words together. Action is what counts.

If you read it you will instantly notice that my goals are on both on a personal and business level at the same time. That’s is very much intentional. Building a self employed company is indeed a journey within yourself.

And I made a video about it.

My goals and vision statement for September-december 2020 was originally posted here. Stay tuned for a revised version for 2021.

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